The Falls Church Anglican Music

How can a congregation lose nearly everything – its buildings, its property, and most of its money – but worship God with more unity and joy than ever before? 

When that congregation knows that it has everything it could ever need in the precious cornerstone and sure foundation of Jesus Christ.

These albums are a taste of the vibrant, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled worship that has become a hallmark of The Falls Church Anglican. 

"A Thousand Amens" was recorded in early March 2012, just two months before we vacated our former property. This was the end of over 275 years on that campus but not the end of our church. And at the close of this sweet chapter in our church’s life, we went out lifting high the name of Jesus and thanking God for his faithfulness.

"We Will Proclaim" was recorded in mid-July 2013, after a year of worshipping as one congregation at different locations, and experiencing God's faithfulness and provision. It was recorded at Bishop O'Connell High School, which for many of us, has become our new home on Sunday mornings.

These recordings, each featuring band, organ, and congregation, capture the cry of a church that has learned and clung to the reality that God is good and Jesus is enough. We invite you to listen and worship our faithful God along with us.

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